St Julia De Bec - Quillan - Aude - France

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Walking & Hiking

There are thousands of kilometres of well maintained and marked trails suitable for walkers that take you through this glorious countryside. It is possible to walk using some of the Route de Paye Cathar trails from Quillan to Barcelona.

Trails take you through one of the largest forests in Europe where you can see a profusion of wild life, deer, sanglier (wild boar) and the heavily protected European brown bear. Insects, especially butterflies live off the fields that have never been tainted by artificial fertilisers. The fields are full of wild flowers and orchids.

Walking in the Pyrenees, especially with the Cathar castles as focal points, is a very spiritual experience. You can head off into the mist of history on a one-way journey and always rely on us to pick you up at the end of the day.

The extensive accommodation and leisure facilities at Mouli D’al Roc enable us to cater for individual or groups of walkers passing through the region or using the Mouli D’al Roc as base for a walking holiday.

Please contact us for details on your walking and hiking holiday requirements.