St Julia De Bec - Quillan - Aude - France

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Astronomy - In Association with Dark Maters

Mouli D’al Roc in association with Dark Matters, has an 16m2 observatory positioned on the mountain side overlooking the southern skies. The observatory is located in one of Europe's largest forests areas and with minimal light pollution provides some of the darkest skies. The observatory is provided with its own driveway and car park areas to enable ready access by guests.

The observatory houses a Meade 14”  LX200 GPS Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope  protected by  a 2.7 meter motorized Pulsar cupola.  The telescope is mounted on a concrete vibration isolation pier and surrounded by an elevated wooden viewing platform.

An Orion HD 1080 video camera is connected to the telescope providing output to a local viewing monitor and via wireless video feed down to the Mouli D’al Roc’s bar. The HD video camera enables individuals or groups of people to readily view the night sky without having the difficulties associated with a single traditional eye piece.


The observatory is available for use by guests or visiting groups .

Please contact Mouli D’al Roc for your individual or group requirements