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Energy and Environment

Moulin Du Roc is focused towards reducing the cost of our energy and environment impact. To reduce our energy and environment footprint we have installed  a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generation system. The core of the CHP system is a Diesel Generator which provides both electrical power and hot water via a waste heat recovery system.

Waste Heat is recovered from the Diesel Generators exhaust, water jackets and oil cooling systems making the entire plant energy cost efficient. The energy efficiency of the CHP system is better than 95% when compared with conventional grid based power systems with efficiencies in the 30% range.

The CHP system runs on a scheduled operating cycle to provide total energy during peek power conditions. The computer controlled CHP system controls the distribution of electrical power and hot water through out Moulin Du Roc’s facilities using underground District Heating and Power Distribution Cables.

The CHP provides energy for:

  • Heating Swimming Pool
  • Running Pool Filtration System
  • Operate Waste Water Biological Sceptic Tank
  • Heating Domestic Water Heaters
  • Running Domestic Electrical and Water Radiators
  • Running Laundry Facilities
  • Provide General Electrical Power
  • Provide Back up Power in the event of Grid Failure

The existing CHP system provides the core infra-structure of future energy management solutions at Moulin. The CHP system incorporates all the control, electrical distribution and water distribution systems required for an centralized, stand alone and environmental friendly power generation system.  Future expansion of the Moulin CHP installation shall include;

  • Battery / Inverter  energy storage
  • Hydro Electrical Power Generation Input
  • Electrical Solar Panel Input
  • Water Solar Panel Input

All design, construction and fabrication facilities used on the building of the CHP system were performed by Mouli D’al Roc’s ‘Landscape and Construction’ team.

If you are interested in CHP systems you can find our ‘contact’ details by following the enclosed link.



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