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Landscape and Construction

Mouli D’al Roc are experienced design, landscape and construction engineers who are based on a working farm near the village of St Julia De Bec.

Mouli D’al Roc has been performing Engineering, Landscape and Construction activities for over 40 years. We have a portfolio of work experience ranging from Offshore Energy, Marine and Civil Engineering sectors.

During the years we have built up a range of medium to heavy construction and metal fabrication equipment capable of performing most building and repair activities. Some of our equipment has been specially built to enable us to tackle concrete mixing and pouring activities in a time and cost effective manner.

We perform a wide range of building services ranging from; general groundwork, concrete construction, swimming pool installations and the design and build of ‘Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generation systems’.

Mouli D’al Roc has the following engineering and construction experience ;

  • Landscaping and Terracing
  • General Building Groundwork
  • Driveway Installation
  • Well Installation
  • Aggregate Delivery (8m3)
  • Field Stone Clearance (Kongskilde Stonebear)
  • On-Site Concrete Mixing (up to 8m3 is routine)
  • In-Ground and Above-Ground Swimming Pool Construction
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Design and Installation
  • Rubber Crumb Installation ( used for children playground and Swimming Pool surrounds)
  • Concrete Dam Construction
  • Engineering Design & Metal Fabrication.

Moulin Du Roc owns and maintains its fleet of construction and fabrication equipment including:

  • 25 MT FIAT Hitachi Excavator
  • 5 MT CASE Excavator
  • JCB 3220 4×4 Tractor
  • 20 MT Dump Trailer
  • Renault 4×4 Tractor
  • Tractor Driven Hydraulic Flail Mower
  • 4 MT Dump Trailer
  • Tractor Driven Concrete Mixer with Hopper
  • 1m3 & 3m3 Concrete Transport Hoppers
  • Kongskilde Stonebear Stone Collector
  • Ifor Williams Car Transporter / Tipper Trailer
  • MIG / TIG Welding Equipment (Steel and Aluminum)
  • Tractor Driven Grass Cutters and Bailers
  • Hustler 60″ Zero Turn Mower
  • Ploughs / Rotovators / Harrows

You can find our ‘contact’ details by following the enclosed link.


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