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Rennes le Château

We have the mystery of the famous village of Rennes le Château, with its now decoded manuscripts and bizarre ‘Masonic’ church.

Recommended reading; ‘The Holy Blood & The Holy Grail’ written by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh & Henry Lincoln,  ‘The Tomb of God’ written by Richard Andrews and Paul Schellenberger,   ‘Rex Deus’ written by Marilyn Hopkins, Graham Simmons & Tim Wallace-Murphy.

The novel and subsequent film the ‘Da Vinci Code’ written by Dan Brown  incorporate many aspects of the intriguing mysteries of this area.

This mystery of Rennes le Chateau brings up intriguing topics such as:

  • An isosceles triangle connecting Rennes le Château, Bornholm (Danish Island) and Jerusalem?
  • The burial place of Jesus Christ at Peche Cardou?
  • Was a pregnant Mary Magdalene in fact the Holy Grail?
  • Sang Raal or San Graal?
  • Does the royal line of the House of David continue to this day?
  • Rennes le Château and the Great Pyramid. Prior knowledge of latitude and longitude?
  • The Cathar Parfaits, who escaped from the besieged fortress of Montsegur and perhaps carried documentary evidence of their Messiah’s final resting place?

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