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Things To Do

Interesting things to do and places to see whilst staying at Mouli D’al Roc:

Les Maison des Loups‘ the wolf park at Ax-les-Thermes is located 3km outside the village of Orlu. The wolf park incorporates a captive breeding program for endangered species of wolves. The park provides research and education facilities. A petting zoo with ponies, sheep, rabbits and turkeys is also available.

Les Aigles de Valmy the Birds of Prey Centre at Argeles Sur Mer.  Combining the blue of Mediterranean sea and the green of the Alberes, located 5 minutes from the Argeles beach. The world of birds and their fragile environment won’t leave you untouched. Eagles, kites, buzzards, vultures, owls, white storks, parrots, ravens, as well as our other residents will amaze you, touching you with their wings as they fly by. The facility also provides falconry demonstrations and classes.

Animal Park at Les Angles’  is located on the Capcir Plateau in the eastern Pyrenees, next to Spain, Andorra, and the Mediterranean. The 37-hectare park of pine forests set at an altitude of 1800m where the animals live in a free and natural habitat.  The park is open all year round and enables visitors to get to know the past and present indigenous  wild animals of the Pyrenees including; bears, stags, deer, wild boars, mountain sheep, ibexes, Pyrenean chamois, wolves, roe deer, marmots, reindeer, bison, etc. It is also ideal for discovering the wealth of Pyrenean flora thanks to the variety of different sites.

‘Reserve Africain Sigean’ the African Safari Park located 15km south of Narbonne, on the edge of the Bages-Sigean salt-lake, at the mouth of the river Berre. Nearly 900 mammals, 600 reptiles and 2000 birds are bred at the reserve. The park extends over an area of more than 300 hectares. The facility offer visitors the experience of discovering both African wildlife in the unique environment of the lagoon-flecked Languedoc coast. Touring the park takes visitors through a natural landscape, with lakes, marshes, scrubland, pine groves, plains and hills where a wide variety of species live and breed.

‘La Ferme aux Bison’  the Bison Farm is located 3km outside the village of Lapenne near Mireopoix. The farm has Bison, Yak, Deer and other animals contained in a natural and free environment. The farm also incorporates a petting zoo with donkeys, ponies goats and Lamas.

‘Les Papillons D’Amarante’ the Butterfly Garden located at Lesparrou.  The gardens are open from June to September.

Winter season activities include skiing. There are various  ski resorts located nearby including:  ‘Station de Camurac‘, ‘Les Angles’, and ‘Andorra’.

The private ‘Train du Pays Cathare et du Fenouilledes’ (TPCF) runs from Rivesaltes to Axat.  ‘Le Train Rouge’ runs special tours and theme rides through out the summer season and provides a picturesque way of visiting Puilaurens Castle and Gorge de Galamus.

La Forge is a summer activity center located in Quillan where you can risk life and limb with white water rafting, hydro-speed, canoeing, mountain climbing and canyoning.  It is also possible to hire mountain bikes (VTT).

Parc St-Bertrand houses the Quillan swimming lake and the fishing lake, which is open through the summer. There is a large area for parking, and shops close by. Parc St-Bertrand also includes toilets, information points and picnic areas, as well as disabled access and reserved car parking for wheelchair users. Perfect, if you fancy a dip or some sunbathing, or just want to try out the fantastic stone furniture! We have some photo’s of the ‘Water Park’ in our Photo Gallery

Take time to visit the extraordinary, fortified medieval city of Carcassonne or Collioure, one of the most beautiful seaside resorts of France, once much favoured by the Impressionist painters.

The city of Ax-les-Thermes and the nearby village of Rennes les Bains are spas, famous for their healing sulphur springs and Mirepoix with its medieval central market place vaulting.

We are close to the wines of the Corbiere, and within easy reach of the beaches of Perpignan, officially the hottest place in France. World wind surfing speed records are set in the Gulf de Lyon, which stretches from Marseille down to Barcelona and this coast boasts the second longest beach in the world after Rio de Janeiro.

If you are in the mood to purchase a new digital camcorder, camera, car stereo etc, it is best to make your choice, hold onto your money and then pay a visit to Andorra. It is a duty free Principality where all types of luxury goods can be up to 50% cheaper than in mainland Europe. The drive up there is magnificent and the tax-free price of fuel, alcohol and tobacco more than justifies the day excursion.