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Swimming Pool and Gardens

Mouli D’al Roc has a large Heated Swimming Pool, Terraced Gardens and an Outdoor Patio for use by guests.

The Swimming Pool and Outdoor Patio are fully illuminated providing ideal areas for evening meals and parties. Multiple Gas Fired BBQ’s  are located around the facilities which are available for use.  ‘Photographs of the Pool and Gardens’ can be found in our Photo Gallery.

The ‘L’ shaped swimming has a shallow end of 1 meter and is suitable for use by younger children. The deep end of the pool is 2.7 meter and ideal for confident swimmers. The pool is 18 meter long enabling serious swimmers to do lengths.

To reduce ‘Slips and Trips’ the pool is surrounded by a granulated rubber surface. The rubber provides an excellent non slip and cushioned surface suitable for children.

The pool area includes an ornamental rock garden with pond and waterfall and lounging areas. Part of the pool garden is covered by a large willow tree enabling parents to sit and read while still keeping an eye on children in the pool.

The Swimming Pool area includes a Tiki Bar and Tables suitable for lounging around during the day or for evening parties. The Swimming Pool area is fully illuminated enabling night time BBQ’s and providing the pool with night time security. Photographs of a typical ‘Pool Party’ can be found be found in our photo gallery.

The Swimming Pool is heated by a Moulin’s  ‘Combined Heat and Power (CHP)’ generation system. The CHP system provides Green Energy to the entire Moulin facility by providing both electrical energy and hot water.

A Terraced Patio exists at the front of the Moulin with garden lighting and places to sit and watch the eagles soar on the thermals rising up from ‘the Bec’. A portable gas fired barbeque with tables and chairs are provided on the Patio which are available for guest use.

At the front of the Moulin is the large ornamental pond that is full of Koi carp. Monet style Japanese influenced wooden bridges take you on and off a small island of contemplation. Please note the occupants of this pond have names and the MANAGEMENT conduct a daily morning roll call to determine any absenteeism.

Tables and chairs are placed all around the property in easily accessible places for guests to use for picnics, quiet morning breakfasts or wine induced animated evening meals. A few of these areas are not in the animal demilitarised zone (ADMZ). In order to prevent unwarranted animal invasion, the MANAGEMENT supply small portable electric fences, which parents accidentally have discovered are also suitable for corralling their ‘little darlings’. Two types of fences are available: the three phase ‘Rambo’ model, which THE MANAGEMENT recommend parents taking out an extra insurance policy and the 240 volt ‘Moppet’ model which ‘kicks’ just enough to cause temporary Shirley Temple curls. We found in the suggestion box this summer requests for electric cattle prods. The costing of this exciting suggestion is currently under investigation.


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