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Motorcycle Tours and Trail Riding

Mouli D’al Roc is a Motorcycle Friendly establishment located in the Languedoc Roussillion region in the South of France. We support Motorcycle Tours and Trail Riding activities. The proprietor is a self confessed petrol head who likes all forms of 2 and 4 wheeled transport.

Moulin incorporates extensive ‘Accommodation’ and leisure facilities to cater for groups of on-road and off-road motorcycles. Moulin also welcomes passing riders who want to take a break on a journey and explore the region.

The Moulin can cater for both individual or groups of riders. We have supported individual riders passing through the region to groups of UK off roaders from ‘Co-Built Tours’ running the extensive trails in our region.

The Moulin has secure and covered parking areas available for the storage and repair of guests motorcycles.  A large outdoor heated ‘Swimming Pool with Tiki Bar’ is available for guests post riding relaxation. An indoor ‘Bar and Games Room’ is also available for evening or wet weather day entertainment.

Mouli D’al Roc incorporates a fully equipped workshop with fabrication and wash down facilities to assist guests in performing maintenance and repairs on their bikes. We personally use our workshop for the maintenance and repair of all our own machinery which ranges from small petrol engines, diesel generators, motorcycles and cars to heavy earth moving equipment.

A local motorcycle workshop ‘Atelier Motos’ is available for carrying out tyre changing and complex maintenance and repairs activities. The proprietor of Atalier Moto’s and his son are successful offroaders and act as the guides for our cross country trail riding.  We have even assisted a Finnish ‘Hog’ owner in getting his bike repatriated to Finland after his rear wheel broke up (required replacement parts from the USA).  A 4X4 with large trailer is available to assist in delivery and recovery operations.

There are plenty of off road trails in the region to satisfy the most hard core enduro and trail rider. A local guide is available for escorting groups of riders.

Please contact Mouli D’al Roc for your on-road and off-road motorcycle holiday requirements

You can find our ‘Contact’ details by following the enclosed link. ‘Prices and Booking’ details can be found by following this link.


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